Join Fun Play Dates at Bay & Bee!


Play isn’t just for fun,  play is how your child learns how to engage with the world.  It teaches them social, emotional and problem solving skills that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives.

Play Dates are designed to bring together parents/grandparents/sitters of similar age children. It’s not a structured class but more of a hang out and get together.  Each age group has a weekly time for their play date (All ages are still welcome to enjoy the play space).

They are wonderful opportunity for children to make friends and grown ups meet other caregivers. We have seen many moms, dads, grandmothers and sitters meet at Bay & Bee and becoming friends, enjoying meetings at each other’s houses, parks or grabbing coffee/breakfast together on their way to or from Bay & Bee, as well as going out without kids in the evenings!

It’s been amazing to watch incredible friendships formed during play dates among children and their caregivers, whether they are new to Jax, new to parenting or simply enjoying their kids play with other kids their age.


Below you will find our play date schedule here:

Tuesdays, 3-4pm: New Parents & Babies Play Date: birth through 1

Wednesdays, 3-4pm: Grandparents Play Date

Thursdays, 3-4pm: Toddlers Play Date, age 1-2

Fridays, 3-4pm: Big Kids Play Date, age 3-5

Saturdays, 9am-1pm: Daddy & Me Play Date, ages 0-5

Membership required. Free for first time visitors.

To see what activities are good for each age group click here (Click on the tabs at the bottom of the page to learn how your child can benefit from playing at Bay & Bee for various age groups)



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The Big Latch On 2015 at Bay & Bee


World Breast Feeding Week is being held August 1st-7th,2015.  The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action is celebrating 23 years of promoting breastfeeding and support for mothers.  This is a global effort to normalize and educate people about the benefits of breastfeeding.

To celebrate World Breast Feeding Week, The Big Latch On is hosting a global count again!  It is a community-building event that is aimed to bring women together, spread the word about local support groups and raise money to support various organizations.

The Big Latch On involves groups of breastfeeding women coming  together  at registered  locations around  the  world  to all  ‘latch  on’  (breastfeed) their child or children at a set time.  Numbers are added to a global count total to see if we can beat the previous years record.

History of The Big Latch On

The Big Latch On began in New Zealand and was started by Women’s Health Action in  2005  as  part  of  World  Breastfeeding  Week.  Joanne Edwards of Small Beginnings Group introduced the Big Latch On to Portland, Oregon in 2010. The Big Latch On Record is 14,536 children latched on simultaneously across 845 locations in 28 countries! The World record is still held by Children for Breastfeeding Inc., With 15,128 women breast feeding simultaneously at 295 sites across the Philippines on 2 May 2007.

Our event

Bay & Bee and Jax Beach Breastfeeding Support Group are hosting a Big Latch on Event at Bay & Bee on Saturday, August 1st.

You will need to register at Bay & Bee.  Registration will open at 9:15am and close at 10:00am. The latch on will take place at 10:30am. At that point we will count latches for 1 minute. Meredeth Rae Woodward will be here between 9:15-10:15 playing a set of her music.  Please bring a closed water bottle container and socks for yourself!

Although donations are not required to participate, we will be accepting donations for The Big Latch On organization to help provide Breast Feeding Support.

The Global Big Latch On-



Baltic Amber Straight From Beautiful Polish Beach


We wanted our customers to know how the healing jewelry, Baltic Amber teething necklaces and bracelets sold at Bay & Bee is made.

So we asked Zuzia’s sister Lucy to take some pictures while picking up most recent order.  Daria Burkowska, one of Zuzia’s friends in Poland who make amber jewelry, gets pure, raw Baltic Amber from white sand beaches of Baltic Sea.


She clips all beads and drills tiny holes in them by hand! No heat applied in any part of the process, so the healing properties of each bead stay where they supposed to.

To read about Baltic Amber healing properties (teething pain and inflammation relief, migraine, arthritis, stress and anxiety decrease, overall health and mood improvement and more) click here.


Photo credit by LSfotografia


Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry

Baltic Amber has been used across the globe for its magnificent healing power for babies’ teething pain, as well as treating joint pain for adults, headaches, arthritic ailments, and even anxiety. Wearing Baltic Amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for your child’s teething pain, inflammation and drooling.

photo 2

Amber is fossilized resin (50 million years old tree sap) that warms when put against the skin, releasing its therapeutic properties safely and naturally. It draws disease out of afflicted areas and neutralizes negative energy, allowing body to heal itself.

photo 1

Some parents like their children to wear amber necklaces, others prefer wrist and ankle bracelets.

photo 1 (1)

Zuzia, one of Bay & Bee owners, grew up in Sopot, a beach town in Poland, where you can still find pieces of amber whenever you take a walk or rest on the beach. She orders teething necklaces and bracelets, as well as adult amber jewelry from her friends, who have had amber businesses for generations.

photo 3 (1)

Bay & Bee offers variety of amber color (butter, cherry, burgundy, honey, green and black or mixed) in different lengths and twist/screw-in or magnetic clasp. You can try it on your baby or yourself and find the perfect fit!

photo 3

Bay & Bee on CW17

Bay & Bee was featured in a segment by CW17, hosted by The Navy Mom’s “Welcome to Jacksonville” Guide three times last month!


The TV crew came to interview Monica and Zuzia, show the space and members playing, enjoying their birthday parties and shopping at our store.


Here is the episode:


Guest Authors: “A Child’s Way” Parenting Workshop


Sharon Elliott and Carrie Ferguson will be joining us on March 30th, 9:30am, to guide parents through their book “A Child’s Way” and discussing attention to the sense of rhythm in the life of the child and coming into harmony and resonance with the natural rhythms that most adults have lost touch with.

This lovely little book helps restore the inherent forces of parenting, showing that presence to our children from the interior of heart-space is more effective than all child psychology has to offer. This mother-daughter author team restores courage, wisdom, humor, and intuition to all those intimately connected with children.

Signed copy of the book will be available for purchase at a discounted rate for Bay & Bee members.

About the book, by Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of “Magical Child”, “Evolution’s End” and “Biology of Transcendence”:

Many similar books are sent my way- none is as beautifully written, as concise, thorough, simple and easy to read. Brevity and clarity of a complex subject is no small task and the authors have this admirably. Were this required reading in the education of every young person, and its precepts followed, our society could be transformed in one generation.

Sway & Play, Our Mommy & Me Yoga Class



Taneen Delaney, founder of Fitly Fitness designed a Sway & Play class especially for Bay & Bee members. We asked her to tell us a little bit more about this popular class:


Is Sway & Play mostly for moms/dads or kids?

The classes are designed to help the caregiver (mom, dad, grandma, baby sitter) stretch, relax, breathe, and move, all while bonding with your little one. You will soon find yourself laughing, singing, and dancing along with the kids to the award winning music of Kira Willey – Kindie Artist and Musical Yogini. Her music makes big and small participants smile from the inside out.


What age group is this class best for?

Sway & Play classes are adaptable to any age group. Kids of all ages, from newborn on up are engaged and drawn in by the colorful dancing scarfs used throughout each class. Mommies and Daddies get a chance to get their stretches in too and end each class with cuddle time and guided imagery.


Why toddlers love to come every week?

Each class has its own adventure – from mimicking animals & nature poses to surfing the waves. The classes are laid back and fun. Kids are great at following along and at times take the lead in choosing their own adventure by sharing their favorite animals and places in nature.


What about little babies?

Mommies incorporate their little ones into the poses, hold them and practice their breathe.


How’s that 40 minute class working with kids’ attention span?

The environment is set up to welcome kids at all levels of readiness socially and physically. Sway & Play has an open door policy throughout the length of the class, allowing families to come in and out as they please. No matter what time you are joining the class or how many times for that matter, you are always welcome!


Taneen takes great joy in working with children and families, helping them reach their physical and social development goals through fitness and yoga. It is all about bringing awareness, feeling comfortable, and having fun!

Now, Sway & Play is also available for non-members for a flat fee of $12!