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Great Cloth Diaper Change 2015!

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It’s April and April brings one of our favorite events,


On April 18th at 10 am we will gather for some festivities and the change at 11am!

The Great Cloth Diaper change is a Guinness Book of World Records Event held annually to see how many cloth diapers can be changed globally at the same time in each time zone. It is a fun event intended to raise awareness on cloth options as well as spread the cloth diaper love.

Bay & Bee is an official world record site!
This year there are 278 participating locations across 18 countries. We hope to exceed last year’s total of 8,459 participants.
I started cloth diapering my son in 2009. Not only did I save money through using cloth, see the lack of waste benefits, I also made amazing friends.

Why Cloth Diapers?
Reusable cloth diapers have many benefits, including:

  • Environmental: Cloth diapers reduce waste for families with children in diapers by more than 50%.
  • Financial: Cloth diapers allow families to save more than $2000 per child.
  • Health: Cloth diapers help parents reduce exposure of their babies’ skin and lungs to the chemicals in disposable diapers.
  • Cute and comfortable: Parents love putting soft cloth diapers, available in a variety of styles and patterns, on their babies.
  • Convenient: Once you’ve purchased your stash, no more weekly trips to the store to purchase more – simply put a load in the laundry!
    (source: Diaper Association Cloth Diaper guide: Questions about types of cloth :

    How do you wash them:

    The environmental and money savings:

    Location: Bay & Bee 13475 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32225

    Phone: 904-221-1900

    Register for the vent through the Facebook event:

    This year we are Co-Hosting the event with Nicole Churchin of Nicole Churchin Photography and creator of the Facebook group Cloth Diaper Junkies Jax

    What should you do?

    Bring a cloth diaper to change into and your participant must be under 39″ tall.
    One adult to One child

    Arrive between 10:00 and 10:30am to register

    Enjoy the play space (please brings socks for yourself)

    Listen to Live Music by Alex from Red Beard!

    Delight in a Bake Sale by ICAN of North Florida

    Cloth Diapering Games!

    Enter a raffle to win assorted prizes! Donations will benefit the RDA

    Photography by Nicole Churchin Photography

    Bring old cloth diapers to donate to the Rebecca Foundation.

    For the month of April sock sales will be going to the Real Diaper association.

    We are also accepting used or new cloth diapers for the Rebecca Foundation.

    The Rebecca Foundation –

    The Rebecca Foundation is a non profit organization

    “The Rebecca Foundation Cloth Diaper Closet is a National program and advocacy organization taking action to end diaper need in the United States. With 1 in 3 families facing this crisis daily we are providing a sustainable renewable option to single use diapers therefore eliminating health and sanitary issues in children, lowering stress levels of concerned parents and increasing available funds to purchase basic necessities. We are a team of passionate individuals determined to change the world one cloth diaper at a time.”



    So many wonderful giving opportunities, come for a great morning and help break a world record at Bay & Bee!



    Photo Credit: Modern Natural Baby –
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