Baltic Amber Straight From Beautiful Polish Beach


We wanted our customers to know how the healing jewelry, Baltic Amber teething necklaces and bracelets sold at Bay & Bee is made.

So we asked Zuzia’s sister Lucy to take some pictures while picking up most recent order. ┬áDaria Burkowska, one of Zuzia’s friends in Poland who make amber jewelry, gets pure, raw Baltic Amber from white sand beaches of Baltic Sea.


She clips all beads and drills tiny holes in them by hand! No heat applied in any part of the process, so the healing properties of each bead stay where they supposed to.

To read about Baltic Amber healing properties (teething pain and inflammation relief, migraine, arthritis, stress and anxiety decrease, overall health and mood improvement and more) click here.


Photo credit by LSfotografia


Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry

Baltic Amber has been used across the globe for its magnificent healing power for babies’ teething pain, as well as treating joint pain for adults, headaches, arthritic ailments, and even anxiety. Wearing Baltic Amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for your child’s teething pain, inflammation and drooling.

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Amber is fossilized resin (50 million years old tree sap) that warms when put against the skin, releasing its therapeutic properties safely and naturally. It draws disease out of afflicted areas and neutralizes negative energy, allowing body to heal itself.

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Some parents like their children to wear amber necklaces, others prefer wrist and ankle bracelets.

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Zuzia, one of Bay & Bee owners, grew up in Sopot, a beach town in Poland, where you can still find pieces of amber whenever you take a walk or rest on the beach. She orders teething necklaces and bracelets, as well as adult amber jewelry from her friends, who have had amber businesses for generations.

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Bay & Bee offers variety of amber color (butter, cherry, burgundy, honey, green and black or mixed) in different lengths and twist/screw-in or magnetic clasp. You can try it on your baby or yourself and find the perfect fit!

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